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In December 2009 the Contact Committee Resolution CC-R-2009-03 recognized the establishment of two Networks - Lisbon Strategy Audit Network chaired by the SAI of Portugal and Fiscal Policy Audit Network chaired by the SAI of Finland – aimed at sharing knowledge and methodologies, operate as facilitators for professional information sharing and to organize working sessions.

The ongoing activities of the Networks, supported by the subsequent Contact Committee resolutions, cover information sharing, benchmarking, mapping exercises and also the organization of seminars and workshops, in close articulation and collaboration.


The first Network Seminar was held in Luxembourg (September 2010) and five joint seminars were held in Paris (June 2012), Potsdam (June 2013), Vienna (June 2014), Lisbon (June 2015) and Helsinki (June 2016). 

In 2017, the seminar of the Europe 2020 Strategy Audit Network was hosted by the SAI of Malta on the 31st of May.


In this website, you can find all documentation concerning the 2015 joint seminar, the 2016 Helsinki seminar and the 2017 Malta seminar.
The Seminars’ conclusions resulted from an active participation of SAIs sharing experiences and ways of doing.







































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